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Rachel Rinaldo

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Rachel has long been drawn to writing and journalism. In college, she wrote for the Columbia Spectator  and the Barnard Bulletin, and interned at her hometown newspaper, The Wilton Bulletin. After graduating from Barnard, she worked as an assistant editor at Stagebill magazine in New York City. During graduate school, she interned at several media outlets, including CNN's Chicago bureau and the News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.). Since then, she has written freelance articles for In These Times, The Jakarta Post, Inter Press Service (Africa bureau), and, among others.

Selected Articles
Bitch magazine online (2015)

Genocide's Deadly Residue (2004)

Amnesty Via the Airwaves
Inter Press Service (2004)

Condoms Take a Back Seat to Abstinence with U.S. AIDS Money
Inter Press Service (2004)

A Price Above Rubies
Inter Press Service (2004)

The New Face of AIDS in Uganda
Inter Press Service (2004)

Can the Gacaca Courts Deliver Justice?
Inter Press Service (2004)

Women Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide Face Grim Realities
Inter Press Service (2004)

Strange Days in Nias (2004)

Loan sharks: Indonesians Protest the IMF
In These Times (2003)

In and Around Bukittinggi, West Sumatra
The Jakarta Post (2003)

Book Review—Sexual Politics in Indonesia
The Jakarta Post (2003)

Here We Go Again: U.S. Considers Renewing Military Ties to Indonesia
In These Times (2002)

Book Review - The Price of Dissent: Testimonies to Political Repression in America
Lip Magazine

Pixel Visions: The Resurgence of Video Activism
Lip Magazine

Feminists on Film
In These Times

This Free Sample is Hard to Give Away

Pediatrician Demystifies the Mysterious Learning Process
News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)

Indymedia Mobilizes for the Sequel to Seattle

And Some Unpublished Gems!
Making a Scene
Originally commissioned by Chicago's Bridge Magazine in 2004, this is an essay about the music and cultural scene in Wicker Park. The editor mysteriously dropped out of contact after approving my revisions...



Uganda's Domestic Relations Bill

This was an article for Women's E-News in 2003. Unfortunately, the legislation languished in the Ugandan parliament, and the article was never published.