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Rachel Rinaldo

Mobilizing Piety
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Research Overview


I am a cultural sociologist who studies gender, culture, and social change. I explore the cultural and political consequences of globalization, and how gender is implicated in these changes. I am especially interested in how globalization shapes women’s agency in different contexts. I explore these issues through ethnographic and interview research in Indonesia because it has the world’s largest Muslim population and has undergone rapid socio-economic change, a grassroots Islamic revival, and democratization. In the process, I engage with fundamental questions about gender, globalization, and culture in the contemporary world.





My book Mobilizing Piety: Women, Islam, and the Public Sphere in Indonesia (Oxford University Press, 2013) is an ethnographic study of Muslim and secular women activists in the globalizing metropolis of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital.


I am currently working on new projects on marriage, gender, and social change in urbanizing Java; as well as a study of the burgeoning contemporary art scene in Indonesia. I am a co-editor of the new special issue of Gender & Society on the topic of gender and religion, and am currently co-editing a special issue of Qualitative Sociology on gender and globalization. 


For more information on my publications please see the Academic Writing page or