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Rachel Rinaldo

Mobilizing Piety
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Division + Western
28 minutes
West of the lofts and rehabbed townhouses of Chicago's trendy Wicker Park neighborhood lies Humboldt Park, the country's second largest Puerto Rican community. Division + Western explores the connections between gentrification, colonialism, and cultural resistance in the Humboldt Park community. It illuminates the day-to-day fight against gentrification, and explores how the neighborhood’s cultural identity became a resource against displacement.
Producer/Director/Editor: Rachel Rinaldo
Camera: Rachel Rinaldo, Robert Wyrod
Screenings: Chicago Public Television (WTTW), Ladyfest Bay Area (2002), Scribe Video Center "Street Movies" screening (Philadelphia 2006), Flor y Canto community center (Los Angeles 2002), Emmedia Gallery "The Experience of Displacement" screening (Calgary, Canada 2003), Women in the Directors Chair International Film Festival (Chicago 2003), American Sociological Association annual meeting (2003)
Surviving in an Asian Megacity
5 minutes

With a population of over 10 million, Indonesia's capital Jakarta is one of Asia's megacities. Like similar cities, there is increasing tension between an expanding elite population and a growing urban poor. The mayor of Jakarta has a solution to this problem - evict the urban poor. This video looks at life in three poor communities in Jakarta, highlighting their strategies for survival in very uncertain times.


Director, Camera, Editing: Robert Wyrod

Additional Editing: Rachel Rinaldo


Interventions in the Public Sphere


Version>02 Festival

Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, 2002

Co-curators: Robert Wyrod and Rachel Rinaldo

From pie fights to deconstructions of urban space, the films in this program invade and reinterpret the public sphere. Presented as part of the annual Version festival of new media and art in Chicago.